The fight is 7 weeks away, they didn’t feel like waiting  

Regigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is set to fight legit contender Daniel Cormier on September 27th at UFC 178 in Las Vegas, NV.  Today marked the first press conference the two fighters have had so far, and it did not disapoint.  In the many videos that are popping up on social media you see the two get in each others faces with Cormier seemingly pushing Jones aggressively in his neck/face area,

Jon jones daniel cormier fight brawl press conference las vegas ufc 178

after that it was on.  Jones can be seen sizing up and then throwing a punch at the contender Cormier – who originally fought as a heavy weight but has since moved down mainly because his training partner and close friend Cain Velasquez is the reigning Heavyweight champ- after that the fight turns into an all out brawl with Cormier seemingly tackling a security guard and collapsiing the backdrop.

Story is developing, well keep you updated .  For now watch additonla clips HERE, HERE, and HERE

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