Her Source recognizes NBA player Kyrie Irving

In this edition of Man Crush Monday, we salute point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving, who known to dominate the court also has a sexy side as he flaunt his sexy smile & body. It’s hard to believe that this NJ native is only 22 years old and he’s single. He knows the true meaning of the youngest in charge as he entered into the league at the age of 19 when he was picked number one overall in the NBA Draft. Since Lebron James is coming back to Cleveland best believe that he is going to win a championship.

Ladies, here are the three things that you need to know about Irving, number one he is family oriented, number two his favorite ice cream is strawberry, and number three he’s an Aries, which means that he enjoys an challenge & eager to try new things.

Ladies, make sure that you follow the handsome point guard on social media on Twitter at @KyrieIrving and on Instagram at k1irving and you could watch him the 2014 summer Jeep commercial

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Matia is a New Jersey native and also an Aries just like Kyrie, all you have to do is follow her on Twitter at @ms_hip_hop