9715238You can never get enough Tupac. Especially on his birthday.

And for that reason, Tupac Shakur is our #MCM this Monday. More than the ‘thug’ image the media constantly pegged him with, Tupac demonstrated exceptional talent through his poetry, music, and acting career. He used his media platform for more than just club songs and party jams, speaking on a variety of thought-provoking topics that resonated with many, from teenage pregnancy (Brenda’s Got A Baby), to respect for women (Keep your Head Up) to the growing pains of switching from a hood lifestyle (I aint Mad At Cha). The son of former Black Panther Afeni Shakur, Tupac was outspoken and intelligent, often expressing his concern over police brutality and poverty in the innercity neighborhoods. Although his influence was cut short at the tender age of 25, his impact continues and has transcended music, most recently reaching Broadway stages in Holler If You Hear Me.  A revolutionary, multifaceted legend, HerSource would like to wish Tupac Shakur a happy birthday.

Alexandria Tribble (@Y_iOUWTA)