It’s all about the lies and betrayal
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta-The Source

Last week on the hit show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Bambi finds out if she’s pregnant, Scrappy goes to Erica P’s house, Kirk finds out his DNA test results if his son Carter is his or not.

This week, we were introduced to another cast member Kalenna Harper that was in the music group Dirty Money. Her Source breakdown the top moments from the episode that were filled with drama with a capital D.

1. Joseline’s former booking agent Dawn exposing their secrets

While out at lunch, Joseline’s former booking agent Dawn meets up with Mimi to tell her that everything they are doing is false and that there is no marriage. She is still bitter over their falling out and as a result her and Stevie get into an argument saying that everything that they did are not their success. (You know the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer).

2. Kirk hires a nanny to watch their son, Carter

While at a sports bar with Benzino and Stevie J, Kirk runs into Jazmine, who is a waitress at the sports bar. He asks her to be a nanny to their son Carter and she agree to it. Benzino and Stevie think that it’s a bad idea and we could agree with them. Jazmine is at their house watching Carter and Rasheeda is not so happy about it which questions why Kirk would do that behind her back with her acknowledgement. Kirk told Jazmine that him and Rasheeda were co-parenting and that they were separated. (Here’s some advice to Rasheeda, leave Kirk and take back what’s yours).

3. Bambi has a miscarriage

Bambi calls Scrappy and tells him that she lost the baby. This news devastated him as he rushed by her side to make sure that she was okay. (Ladies always remember date a man that would be there for you).

4. Karlie Redd and Yung Joc finally see their dream home

While driving to their dream home, Karlie Redd felt a strange feeling when she seen someone familiar and it’s the real estate agent Khayidah. When they entered in the house, she showed them all of the rooms and Joc steps away for a minute. While he stepped away, Karlie thought this was the opportunity to ask her her if she was sleeping with Joc and she told her yes. This resulted in them getting into an altercation. (Here’s a tip ladies, never check a woman about your man).

Tune in next week to see what happens with Joc and Karlie

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)