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Project Morpheus

When Playstation enthusiast and video game fanatics alike were first introduced to Sony’s Playstation 4  next-gen console over six months ago, the Dualshock 4 controller was its biggest eye catcher. Since its outset in 1994, Playstation controllers have all beared a similar rudimentary aesthetic until the Dualshock 4 controller shattered the models that preceded it.

The remodeled controller featured a plethora of new design tweaks, such as touchpad in the center of the controller, but the most notable addition was the blue-colored ‘lightbar’ at the top of the controller. Little had been explained about the lightbar besides the fact that the colors (blue, red, green and pink) identify players in multiplayer games, and in certain games the light dims to indicate character’s health. While aesthetically pleasing at first, upon release many players complained about seeing the reflection of the lightbar in the television and the fact that there was no way to turn it off. Sony has remained tight-lipped about its true purpose, until now.

In an interview between TechRadar and Sony senior designer Jed Ashforth, he revealed that the lightbar is for tracking the system’s upcoming virtual reality headset “Project Morpheus”. Featuring a 1080p and a 90 degree field of vision thus far, Project Morpheus will provide gamers with a new dimension (literally) of gameplay.

The folks over at TechRadar got their hands on two demos for Project Morpheus, Eve: Valkyrie which takes the player to outer space, and The Deep which allows players to explore the depths of the ocean whilst escaping blood hungry sharks (see the video below). While there is no set release date on Project Morpheus as of yet, it seems very promising in its early stages, so we are excited to see what is in store when it drops.

Check out a preview of what can be expected from Project Morpheus below.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)