One scarface, no problem, Deeply Rooted, geto boys, Emeritus, Jaime Clarkof the undisputed greatest rappers of all-time (easily), Scarface heads back home to his South Acres, Texas neighborhood to shoot his latest video, No Problem, directed by Mr. Boomtown. Slated to be released this Summer, this track is the first release off Scarface’s Deeply Rooted album. No chorus was needed on this, as Scar’s wordplay combined forces with Jaime Clark‘s beautiful production for the creation of a “pure”, no-nonsense Hip Hop single.

The Geto Boy and Hip Hop rhymeslayer announced his retirement after releasing his last album in 2008, Emeritus. Apparently, he’s not done just yet. Thank you, Rap Gods. Checkout his latest visual, below, as he treks through his old stomping grounds of rural Houston and news blurbs pop up on screen throughout.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM