Mila J - Green JacketMila J has the beauty, the voice, the dance skills and the personality that brightens up any dark room. Wrap that all together with her ability to give listeners some raw, truthful lyrics, it is obvious that she is quite the talent. Growing up around music, Mila J has always been inspired to be a singer and express her thoughts through lyrics. Her songs are honest, inspiring and often describe what many of us have encountered in our day to day living.

Preparing for her upcoming album and tour, Mila J sat down with Her Source to discuss what she has going on, who she would like to work with and much more. Check out the interview after the jump!

Let’s talk about your track ‘Smoke, Drink, Break Up’ and the concept behind it and where the idea for the track came from?

The concept behind is the dysfunctional relationship. It is really a play on words and I’ve been in a relationship like that myself where I felt like if I’m not a little buzzed or something and can’t deal with this person so I’m going to go crazy. Even the lyrics in the song says ‘I have to be out of my mind to be with you’ so that’s the whole concept behind it.

Tell me about the video; I know you released a teaser for it. Tell us about the concept of the video and how Ty Dolla $ign got mixed up with it. 

I mean I do dance so I wanted to make sure that element was shown in the video. We did some story board but we kind of just went abstract. I put my girls a lot in the video. We do this really dope sequence in the car; that is one of my favorite parts of the video! You’ll see Ty Dolla here and there. You know he’s another LA so it made sense to have him in the video and he offered a remix of the song so we just felt like putting him in there. So it just all worked out. He’s super cool. He came through for the video and that was that.

A lot of people have been bumping the track and are really into it. So how do you feel about the reception you have received from the listeners about it.

I’m excited because as an artist you always feel nervous and think of what people’s reaction going to be. So I’m really happy about that song and how everyone reacted to it. A lot of people are reaching out. I’m on Instagram a lot and I got so much positive feedback. You’re always waiting for people’s reaction and so far it’s been really positive. For me, It’s really a good thing.

When does your album come out?

The album is going to come out later this year. It is pretty much done but it will come out later this year. There is no set date yet but we will keep everybody posted.

What can you tell us about the album? Like the inspiration behind it?

A lot of my songs on this album are relationship driven.  A lot of it is about sticking with these dudes through the good and the bad. I think the guys are going to like it because it’s like telling the other side of the story.

Do you have lot of LA artists on the album or is it just different artists you wanted to work with?

I don’t really have any other features other than those two. We didn’t want to do too many features just because it is my first album. I wanted everybody to get sense of who I am first. Of course I am always open to collaborations. I feel like LA has this big movement going on right now and I’m glad to be part of it.

What do you think your fans will get from the album. Like what reception do you expect from the listeners?

We just want the fans to receive it and just enjoy it as a full package. We live in a time right now where people are not single driven they will wait until your album comes out and then pick and choose. I put a lot of energy into making sure the album has a deeper sound I hope they will recognize that. I remember the albums being like that in the 90s. So I just hope they receive it with open arms.

Do you plan on going tour?

Yes, I plan to go on tour in May to promote and doing shows for people, which I’m super excited about. Obviously I love the stage and I love to dance and acting out so I’m super excited about that. I think it will be really cool to get out there and see people’s faces.

How long you have been in the industry? How long have u been singing?

I been singing since I was a little girl. I started off like in a group since I was like 11. My dad was a musician so I was surrounded by music so it came natural to go ahead with it.

I know that your signed to Motown correct?


So how is the record label treating you because sometimes I know it is difficult to work with a record label and their set rules.

Right now, it’s been awesome! I came to the label pretty much with my album done. There wasn’t a whole bunch of waiting for deadlines. Everyone there believes in me which is a big part of it. Everyone there is supportive and believes in my project. So far so good. They are always helping from songs to images so right now it is a really good place to be.

Is there anybody on the label that you would love to collaborate with? Or is there anybody that is outside of the label you would like to collaborate with?

On the label there is Erica Rogers. She’s like one of my favorite artists! I didn’t know that she was even on the label so it would be dope to collaborate with her. Outside of the label, I been on tour with Kanye, Nicki Minaj. I mean there are so many dope people out right now and I’m open to collaborations; just working with a lot of people. There are so many dope artists out right now: Pharrell, Timberland, and Justin Timberlake, I can definitely learn from them.

What is your biggest inspiration behind you being in the industry and singing?

I grew up in the industry so it’s kind of like all I know and I just love performing and the 90s, the performers of that era so I always wanted to bring back elements of it when I got my chance to be a fellow artist. I get high off of that.