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Dreamville’s cooking up

Queens native, Bas, serves as the crown jewel of Dreamville’s Interscope partnership, that includes Omen and the rest of the Dreamville crew, and his debut Interscope project, Last Winter, will be hitting the e-shelves April 29th. To prep fans for what’s to come, the leader of the Fiends hit the streets of New York to shoot the video for “Ceelo With The G’s”, one of the standout tracks from Dreamville’s January compilation, Revenge Of The Dreamers, which coincided with their and their leader (J. Cole) announcing the Dreamville x Interscope partnership.

As a side note, Bas came to The Source‘s offices the night he and J. Cole played the theater at Madison Square Garden during the What Dreams May Come? tour the same night they announced the Dreamville partnership and played rough, unmastered versions of Last Winter, and the entire staff was blown away, me included. So watch out for the fiend.

Enjoy the video.