Jason tries to win Chardonnay back
The Game-The Source

Last week on the hit show, The Game, Chardonnay holds an intervention for Tasha as she not telling anybody about who’s the father of her unborn child. Tasha is not happy about Chardonnay holding the intervention for her. Jason is still recovering from his “accident” as he wears a cast on his arm. Everyone is at the intervention including Tasha’s own father.

This week, Jason still continues to lie to Chardonnay about what Tasha revealed to her about him and Kelly. Chardonnay decides to throw Jason’s things outside and even his daughter Brittany turned on him and she changed the locks on the door. Instead of going to a friend’s house, he ended up staying on their balcony. While doing her hair in the bathroom, Kierra stepped away for a second and her bathroom caught on fire. Tasha went to see Malik at his restaurant and she was having contractions. He takes her home, where she is visited by her doctor and she finds out that she is having a baby girl.

When Kierra found out that her bathroom is going to be renovated because of the fire, she moved in with Blue. Living with Blue was the best for her because they spend a lot more time with each other. When Malik finds out about the sex of the baby, he decides that he is going to treat women right and Tee Tee decides to tell Malik that he could buy him out of the restaurant because of his legal issues. Chadonnay went to see Tasha and still upset about what she said from the intervention but she revealed good news to her about the sex of her baby which made her happy. Tasha told her that Jason and Kelly didn’t do anything when he was in her hotel room. Still living on their balcony, Chardonnay makes up with Jason but he revealed that he did in fact kissed Kelly.

Tune in next week as Chardonnay kisses another man!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)