imageNowadays, it’s very rare that you would find an up and coming clothing line with so much potential. Most designers are so busy designing what everyone else is creating that they fall right into the pile of those we refuse to pay attention to. But Ashley Sanchez, the owner and creator of Legacy & Luxe, has stepped right out of that box and started up a line that is quite unique. Roses, gold, Aaliyah and so much more included; her line is the next hottest shit to have in your closest. Though new, Ashley has many ideas to come and your going to want to get on this line now before we start telling you, “I told you so!”

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What inspired your fashion line?

Being a young mother is one of the main things that inspired the creation of Legacy & Luxe. I have 3 daughters and I recognized early on that I would be the highest female figure in their lives — who they would model themselves after and emulate.  I felt that it was imperative that I create something that would inspire and positively influence, not only my girls, but every person that came in contact with my brand. After my mom’s suggestion to pick up my old hobby of jewelry-making, I started making & selling bracelets locally. The demand and feedback was a lot greater than I expected and things just sort of took off from there. I combined my passion of philanthropy and fashion together and formed something meaningful, lasting and unmatched. L & L was born.


What do you love the most about being an up and coming designer? 

What I love most about being an up and coming designer is the amount of support that I receive from people that I don’t even know. I believe fashion is expression and to see someone express themselves with one of my pieces is completely a dream.

What do you love the least?

I’m impatient and so what I love least is the slow process of business building. Lacking the resources and funding to get your start-up off the ground is frustrating and can be distracting. I’m learning a ton and realizing that everything will happen in its proper timing, though.

How does it feel to receive such a positive response from buyers?

The positivity that I’ve received from the buyers gives me an inexplicable feeling. It puts me over the moon and I have so much love for each and every one of them.

What’s next for your fashion line?

What’s next for Legacy & Luxe….really showing all of the customers the love that I have for acts of kindness with different projects and expanding the line tremendously. Men are wanting their own distinct side of things and the women are just excited to see what they can get their hands on next, so I’ll be working to release designs that will give them what they want. Legacy & Luxe is still young and developing, but holds all of the potential in the universe. So creative geniuses, dope graphic designers, investors to join our team…are ALL WELCOME to contact me.

What’s your fave piece from your line?

I’m so in love with everything that I create that I can’t pinpoint a favorite. Our Aaliyah The Legacy tee has been a huge hit, though. I provided my graphic designer, Lisette Correa, with a concept for this tee and she completely blew it out of the water. She’s incredible.


How do you come up with the ideas for your line?

I’m usually inspired by something and my mind will take off with it. All of these creative ideas just come to me. Like I mentioned, a lot of my concepts are reflections of who I am.

What style icons do you look up to?

I look up to many different style icons and all of them for different reasons. Sade, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Carolina Herrera, Rita Hayworth, Grace Jones…there are just too many to name.


Describe your personal style

My personal style is really multifaceted. It’s like I’m several different women all in one. I can be tomboy chic, hippie flower-child, edgy and sexy and the list goes on. I love colors and details, too. People will see all of these different aspects of my style with each piece that is released. That’s for sure.