Kelly’s back!
The Game-The Source

After starting the season seven with a bang, this would be the one episode that will keep people talking. Last week, we seen Malik trying to fix his shoulder so he could play again and Jason officially retires from the game of football.

On the hit series, The Game Ms. Kelly Pitts makes her appearance to see about Brittany’s pre prom party, which this makes Chardonnay not to happy. Both Jason and Chardonnay didn’t know that Kelly was coming.

Everyone is happy to see Kelly that causes Chardonnay to separate herself from everybody as they are celebrating Brittany’s pre prom party. Kierra tries to make it up to Blue as he is serving community service because of her being drunk and outta control and in the result of her, he was ordered more days to serve his community service.

After Brittany’s pre prom party was over, they were all sitting around watching as they find out about if Saber player Todd Savage told on Jason about using steroids. Chardonnay thinks that Jason paid him off to not tell but little do they know it was Kelly that paid him off and it turns out not good as Jason keeps defending Kelly. He visits Kelly at her hotel room that resulted in him kissing her and Kelly thinks he is making the wrong move by kissing her. They have spent the whole time in her hotel room until 4 am and she asks him what he’s going to tell Chardonnay. Instead of going home, he thinks it was smart for him to crash into a dumpster to make it look like if he was in a car accident.

Tune in next week to see what lies Jason would tell Chardonnay.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)