Can’t tell me nothing.. Right??

Kanye West, Sentenced, LAX, Paparazzi, YeezusIt seems as if Yeezus’ bad behavior has finally caught up with him. Well, sort of.

Kanye West was sentenced to a day in jail for his incident with the paparazzi at LAX last summer. He lashed out at a photographer that got a little too close and put the poor guy in a headlock. Along with the day of jail time comes 2 years of probation and 30 days of anger management.

So this got us thinking. What would Ye request for his 24-hour sentence? Kanye is a pretty particular guy and he might need some things to help his stint in the cell go by quickly so he can get back to the real world.

Here are the top ten items Kanye West would request for his bid.

-Patrick Hazel (pattywack25)