2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - ArrivalsA flash flood hit Los Angeles in the middle of Oscar week festivities, but it didn’t wash away the good spirits at the “GREAT British Film Reception” which honored the British Nominees of the 86th Annual Academy Awards. The Source Magazine was on the red carpet on Feb. 28. 

The event was hosted by the British Consul General Chris O’Connor OBE and Academy Award Nominee Steve McQueen CBE, nominated for Best Picture and Directing for “12 Years A Slave,” plus many Academy Award Nominees and nominees associated with nominated British films we in attendance.

Sheltered from the rain in a tent as big as the hopeful wishes of the nominees, the crowd toasted the night away with champagne and delicious canapés. Decked out with pride in the bright colors of the British flag, the room was full of enthusiastic guests who celebrated Hollywood’s biggest weekend in style. Helen Mirren and Steve McQueen mingled with the crowd as party-goers enthusiastically stopped to take pictures with an Oscar on display. And in true Brit style, the group was properly polite and warm to all who were in attendance to party the night away.

Check out what Steve McQueen told reporters on the red carpet:

How are you feeling ahead of Sunday?

McQueen: I feel good. I feel great. I mean, I am happy!

Will it be nerve-wracking for you or will you get to enjoy the experience?

McQueen: I will be nervous. Anyone who says they won’t be, will be. It is a celebration. It is one of those occasions where you force yourself to enjoy it and not take it too seriously.

Is it wonderful to see all of this British talent?

McQueen: There are 26 nominations within in 18 films. It is an amazing achievement.

What are you going to do after the Oscars?

McQueen: Well often the best way to relax is just to go back to work.

Are you looking forward to Monday?

McQueen: Yes, very much. It has been six months of promoting the movie. It is a funny feeling  I am happy it is coming to an end, but at the same time it has evoked so many wonderful feelings.

When we asked Dame Helen Mirren what is it like to attend the Academy Awards as a nominee, she said, “It is incredibly exciting, especially if you are nominated. You are sitting right there in the front. You see the whole thing. And of course you are surrounded by enormous movie stars. You spend most of your time looking at them and going “oh my god, look who is sitting behind me, and look who that is over there.”  It is wonderful to feel yourself kind of in the center of the honey pot. But at the same time it is very nerve-wracking if you are nominated. It is this terrible split thing. Of course you want to win but then you don’t win because you don’t want to get up and make a speech. Because the thought of that is so terrifying. That those millions and millions of people all sitting around getting drunk and getting ready to criticize you. It is quite intimidating.”

Actress Jane Seymour who attended to support her friends added,  “It is wonderful to see British films and actors. It is great and I always come here.  There are so many great films and I don’t know how you choose.”

Other notables that we spotted included  Ed Westwick, Sally Hawkins, Mamie Gummer, Jacqueline Bisset, Philomena Lee,  Kelsey Scott, Jared Harris and Allegra Riggio, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Dominic Monaghan, Cary Elwes,  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Amma Asante, Nominee Neil Corbould, Nominee Jeff Pope, Amin Alghebr, nominee Sara Ishaq and Abdurahman Hussain, Adepero Oduye, Nominee Anthony Katagas, and Emma Rigby to name a few. The event was sponsored by Jaguar, Land Rover and Virgin Atlantic.

2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Inside
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Red Carpet
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals
2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception - Arrivals

-Elizabeth Taylor