Zero minutes into the mid-season three premiere we find Olivia & Fitz in the midst of locking lips, when an unscathed Mellie bursts in with political worries! What an opening!Scandal-The Source


If you joined us during the live tweeting @HerSource you caught all the action, from the mysterious Plubius to Olivia Pope’s father threatening President Fitzgerald’s life right in front of his beloved mistress. With a premiere like this, we’re sure that the entire season will be full of juice! So lets just dive in.

Fresh off of covering up murdering her gay husband, Sally Langston boldly announces her plan to “leave the party, split the ticket and run against her boss”  in the upcoming election, all while continuing her position as Vice President. You would think she needs a break but “Mustang Sally” has no intentions to chill!

Next a very upset Fitz (who has taken his affinity for brown liquor too far) has a fit in response to Sally’s low blow. He chooses to take his anger out on Cyrus’s head! When that attempt fails, the treacherous two (Mellie & Cyrus) urge Olivia to calm him down, seeing that sadly enough, she’s the only one who has the power to do so *side eyes Mellie*.

Cyrus also let’s it slip that Fitz has made Jake head of B613. Which causes Liv to suddenly feel sad about her dad, ambushing him at a park, to have that talk that always leaves fans with quotables for days. Scary but straight to point Rowan informs Olivia that he has it out for Fitz & that she should “run”. We’re reminded with intertwining scenes that Quinn has gone to the dark side.

Team Gladiator then bands together to work on Fitz’s campaign. A campaign where he will now run alongside his former Lt. Governor & Playboy “loyal” friend Andrew Nichols.

All of which leads Abby to go head to head with Sally’s political aid, Leo Bergen, on some type of political show. This culminates into Leo bringing up the affair rumors surrounding Olitz, causing Abby to retort so awkwardly, fans everywhere are sure to have had their eyes closed.

Mellie then invites Olivia out to lunch as a last chance to better Olivia’s “whore”-ish reputation. They smiled for paps and fake laughed to the point where each ounce of faux friendship was a hit to the soul. The most exciting part was Mellie handing Olivia a list of eligible bachelor to “publicly date”. We silently wept with Olivia.

The fight between Fitz & Sally gets crazier and crazier, at one point causing Quinn to kidnap the son of the coroner who investigated Daniel Douglass’s death. During a visit to the investigator’s house, Abby & Huck portrayed Post writers to get the job done. They failed. However Quinn & Charlie knew that using her son as a pawn would be a great bargaining chip.

Throw in a little Plubius (weirdest fake name ever) when someone under that moniker attempts to get information out of White House reporter concerning the death of Daniel Douglass.

Lastly, we find out that James is Plubius. Him and Rosen are working together to bring down the corruption in the white house. Adnan, the person Harrison has been so scared of is a WOMAN, who apparently forces him to get busy in the gladiator headquarters. And last but not least, Mellie seems to be having an affair of her own with the Fitz’s newly appointed running mate.

Yes! We were gasping for air too. Let us know your thoughts on last night’s episode & don’t forget to follow us @HerSource to live tweet with us during the show next week : ) !


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