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After every Fashion Week, there is also a  Market Week. Think fashion including the clothes but also the accessories ready for boutique and store owners to put their orders in for the upcoming season. On this particular Market Week, we headed over to the Capsule Show. One of the most celebrated trade shows because it mixes high-end with independent designers, so you’re bound to find new designs that you’ll want to add to your closets.

As a buyer, this is where you need to be if you want to find the cutting edge of fashion styles and new designers you wouldn’t have known otherwise. But what’s in it for journalists, more specific a Fashion Editor? What are we doing if we’re not buying? Well, we’re taking notes of next level fashion and discovering more designers to showcase. This happened to be the last day of the Capsule Show and as designers they were looking for more buyers. Some designers nice, some you just really wanted to walk away because of their non-hospitality. But follow along for some great tips of how and what to do when you’re looking for new brands and how to deal with it all.