Rag and Bone Coogi Cropped Sweater

Rag and Bone Coogi Cropped Sweater

Rag and Bone teamed up with the creator of Coogi to create a more updated version of the sweater. New York Fashion Week is usually the show where we sit and watch the models walk the runway in clothes inspired from well let’s be honest recycled fashion year after year. Which designers will focus on bringing a certain style back to life is always a question. I must say I wasn’t disappointed in the looks of the Coogi sweater going down the Rag and Bone runway and this comes from a girl who wants to buy everyone I see walking down the street in the sweater a new shirt.

Over the years’ we have watched our favorite rappers try to make the Coogi sweater cool again. Somehow the Rag and Bone team has definitely made it look amazingly great on women from their cropped sweaters and Coogi pencil skirt. Now will it really be hot I guess we have to wait and see.

If you are one of those…you know that still love your traditional Coogi sweater they are definitely still in business and you can purchase one right now

-Lakeithea Nicole (@LakeitheaNicole)



Photo’s: Getty Images