When we think of the Air Jordan brand first thoughts are the legend himself, Michael Jordan and then maybe a long line at your local sneaker store for the latest pair of retro Jordans. True, indeed, but as we are upon New York Fashion Week, we can look forward to a bit more. That bit more is something we may want to add in our homes. In honor of fashion week artist, Naturel has created limited edition prints playing off Kanye West‘ line in N*ggas In Paris, titled, “What’s That Jumpman, Margiela?”

The series of prints are a mixture of pop and cubism illustrations. They can definitely brighten up a room. The highlights are Jordan’s number, 23 covered in roses with a 3-D like prisms.  If you’re not familiar with artist Naturel, he’s done work with your favorite brands like, Crooks & Castles, Levi’s, Barcadi.

Check out a few we know you would want to put in your home.