Mario Balotelli cryingDuring Saturday night’s match against Napoli, AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli was seen on the sideline in tears.  He tried to hide his tears but soon broke down crying.  Some thought it was because he was subbed out of the game but it turns out it was the racist chants that deeply hurt Balotelli.


Balotelli is constantly a target for racist soccer fans and usually reacts defiantly but even the strongest human being has their breaking points.

It’s sad that this still happens.


Now there’s some discrepancy as to the real reason Balotelli was crying.  While he is often the victim of racism amongst soccer fans, his  manager, Clarence Seedorf alluded it was because of poor play and being subbed out.

“We are players and there are times when we express ourselves that way. I see nothing wrong or abnormal in that. I experienced it at times too,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“He too needs to grow in general. He played very well against Cagliari, while tonight perhaps didn’t make the most of the space. These are things we can all improve on and I’m happy he has so many areas to improve, as I can help him through that education.”

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

7 Responses

  1. arjang sohrabi

    Disgusting. WTF is wrong with those people! It’s their own countryman. He should come over and play in the states.

  2. mike ahuja

    it is mind boggling how ignorant ppl can be these days…racism should have ended by now…im feel bad he has to experience this

  3. paakwasi

    Im surprised in this 21st century there is still racism. Ihe Whiteman feels comfortable living down here in Africa but why is the Blackman always racially abused.

  4. Stexxx

    Seedorf dismissed Balotelli racial abuse. Striker’s brother says “it’s been a tough week”.

  5. Nancy

    Yes at times it can be painful when some people say horrible things to you because of the colour of your skin.

  6. Matthew swaye

    What shitty white teammates – they dont speak out in his defense?