mistercee23f-1-webDJ Mister Cee aka “The Finisher”, is one of the New York’s most prolific DJ’s and radio personalities. Known for his relationship with hip hop heavyweights such as the Notorious B.I.G and Big Daddy Kane,  he is a staple in the New York hip hop community. Undoubtedly so, Mister Cee may be an iconic figure in the hip hop community, but his run-in’s with the law regarding prostitution have been noticed.

One of hip hop’s most beloved DJ sits down with GQ and gives his perspective on the situation and puts it to rest:

How his infatuation with prostitutes developed after a devastating breaking up with his ex:

“And I started tricking in the strip clubs. I don’t know if you know what tricking is—you’re taking [the girls] out the club”—literally right outside the club—“and you’re having sex with them.” He’d do it in places where he wasn’t liable to be recognized, usually spots around downtown Manhattan “where white guys was going,” he says.

What kept him so drawn in:

“The best way I can explain it is that I was so knee-deep into doing it that it became a part of me,” he says.

Why he continued to lie about the situation:

“It wasn’t even about losing the job. I was just afraid of what the perception was going to be about me and that people was still going to want to stand behind the Mister Cee brand,” he says. Promoters. People he worked with. And if they didn’t, “how was I going to be able to continue to support and take care of the people that I care about?”

On moving forward:

“at this point in my life, I can’t even begin to try to be in a serious relationship with a woman. That’s the point that I’m at now: What do I want? Where am I at? Now that it’s out in the open—everybody knows, I know—where am I going from here?”

On keeping the memory alive of other iconic artists in the hip hop community

“who’s going to really keep the memory of those people alive, the Bigs and the Pacs and the Aaliyahs and the Big Puns and the Big Ls and the Freaky Tahs and so on and so forth—who’s going to keep their memory alive the way that I do it?”

Whether Biggie Smalls would have understood his plight twenty years ago:

“Oh, I know that,” Cee says instantly. “I know Big stands next to me. I have no question in my mind.”

-Andrew Somuah (Drewtheabstract)

*Quotes Taken Via GQ.Com