Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.44.57 AMRaise your selfie game up. No one does it better than Nicki.

A couple of days ago Nicki Minaj delighted her Barbie Nation when she uploaded a series of selfies with out warning only 2 days after 31st birthday. Nicki is now becoming famous or perhaps infamous for her instagram pictures which always gets people talking and even paying homage as Ellen Degeneres has with a halloween costume.

One of the picture featured the musician grabbing her left breast, another photo showed the former Idol judge sucking on her manicured fingers. In perhaps the most NSFW photo Nicki is sticking out her tongue in between her index fingers and middle finger as to suggest a certain sexual activity. She also posted a few PG rated photos to balance this photo-shoot out.

Minaj has not yet stated the reasons for her new pictures and we feel she isn’t going to stop any time soon. Perhaps she is feeling fearless after adding actress to her long list of job titles. The Pop Diva is making her Hollywood debut alongside Cameron Diaz in romantic comedy, The Other Woman. Check out all of the photos from her instagram below.


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