Jhené Aiko talks favorite Sail Out track and debut album Souled Out

Jhené_AikoDuring a brief sit-down with VIBE, soul-sailing songbird Jhené Aiko admits how surprising she found the positivreception that came along with the release of her latest EP, Sail Out.  

While on the topic of her breakthrough EP, the multi-ethnic beauty dishes on her favorite track that she recorded for the project.

 “My favorite track on Sail Out would be.. Comfort Inn Ending, because it was the most raw, and I think the most honest I think I’ve ever been in a song

In regards to her Def Jam debut album, Souled Out, Aiko revealed that the songs will be just as ‘raw’ and ‘honest’ as those we’ve heard on the EP.

 “Not a lot of actual writing on paper, but me just going in the studio and just like..saying how I feel,” she added.

In case Sail Out wasn’t enough to temporarily hold you over, check out the interview below to find out when you can expect Souled Out to hit the shelves, as well as one special feature you will hear on the album.

– Antionette Latrese (@_ALatrese)