She’s successful, sexy, and searching for Mr. Right

BET premiered their new show called Being Mary Jane starring the one and only Gabrielle Union as main character Mary Jane Paul last night. The show was created by Mara Brock Akil, who is known to create the hit series, Girlfriends and The Game. The show was originally a TV movie as fans got a chance to see this successful woman juggle career, family, and love.

This first episode was filled with lust, heartbreak, and love. Mary Jane comes to the rescue as she saves her friend Lisa from committing suicide as a result of depression. After she saves Lisa, she goes back to her house and David is there. As they are talking, Andre pulls up to her house and David greets and tells him that he has the wrong address. He drives away.

Before she start working, she is approached by Andre’s wife Avery Daniels, who starting asking her questions about her and Andre’s relationship. She gave Avery all of the answers that she needed. She goes to work covering a major hurricane coming in Florida (similar to Hurricane Katrina), where there is a old couple living in their house as they house collapses from the storm. Ratings are through the roof as they cover this storm. Towards the end of the show, Andre approaches Mary and ended up having sex in the gym shower.

That is one way to end the first episode with a bang, tune in every Tuesday at 10 pm on BET and see if Mary Jane is going to find Mr. Right & have a happy ending. What did you think of the series premiere?

Matia (@ms_hip_hop)