250_1980049312Add some color to your Christmas with the Reebok Shaqnosis OG. The shoe is just as bright as the 7-footer’s huge personality, boasting six colors that represent each of the teams Shaq played for during his 19-year NBA career.

For this creation known as the “Tribute” edition, Reebok partnered with Sneakersnstuff, the best sneaker store in Sweden since 1999. The result of this collaboration was successful, colorful even.

These kicks have a white base plastered by a rainbow that starts with blue leather to represent Shaq’s first team, the Orlando Magic. Next is a gold suede strip that represents Shaq’s championship years with the Los Angeles Lakers, followed by black leather representing the Miami Heat where he also won a ring. There were no more titles with the teams represented by the ensuing colors: purple suede for the Phoenix Suns, maroon leather for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and green for the Boston Celtics where the big fella ended his career.

The “Tribute” is a limited release dropping on December 18th online and in stores. Retail is set at, $110.

Mario López (@M5Motie)