Spike LeeThe newest Spike Lee joint is out and it doesn’t take place in Brooklyn, for once. Instead, this time we see most of the story play itself out in a tiny motel room where our protagonist, played excellently by Josh Brolin, is kept imprisoned for 20 years.

It’s certainly a different venture for Spike as we’re used to seeing him do films that revolve around social justice, particularly in the New York area. For his newest project, however, Spike reinterpreted the original 2003 Korean classic, “Oldboy.” Keeping the same title as the original, Spike’s vision kept very true to the original, with a few key differences that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats even if they’ve seen the original. TheSource.com was able to sit down with Brooklyn’s favorite son to discuss all things “Oldboy.”


Q: What inspired you to reinterpret “Oldboy?” Why now?

Spike Lee: Right now? The reason why it was right now because that’s when the opportunity presented itself. Josh [Brolin] and I have been trying to work together for years and now everything just came together at one time.

Q: Revenge is an important theme in “Oldboy.” Did any personal experiences help you make this film?

Spike Lee: No, I don’t think that. For me, that was totally not the reason why I did it, because I was thinking about revenge upon somebody else. But revenge films are a staple of Hollywood films. And as human beings, we’ve all had slights that have been hurtful. Some of the slights go away, some don’t. So you’re going to have thoughts of revenge, making people pay for their transgressions against you.

Q: What attracts audiences to revenge films?

Spike Lee: Because they can’t act it out themselves, so they live it out through the characters in the films. And it just feels great when people get their “come-uptance,” for their dastardly deeds they did against somebody else, that didn’t deserve it.

Q: Do you enjoy the revenge genre?

Spike Lee: Oh yeah! I mean I haven’t really done any revenge films, but I like that genre.

Q: Your star Elizabeth Olsen was just cast in “Avengers 2.” Do you have any plans to tackle the superhero genre?

Spike Lee: Tentpole movies? Not really my thing.

 Did you read comic books as a kid?

Spike Lee: Oh as a kid, I didn’t read DC comics. I read Marvel, I like “Spiderman.”

Q: If you could make a reinterpretation of “Spiderman,” who would you cast as Spidey?

Spike Lee: Let’s make it Wesley Snipes. Wesley could do “Spiderman.”

Q: What’s next for you?

Spike Lee: Forward! Onward and upward, there’s many more stories I want to tell. I got a bunch of stuff, I’ve never been want of stories, it’s been the financing. That has been the obstacle.

Q: You had that Kickstarter project, right?

Spike Lee: Yes we’re editing that film now, the film is called “The Sweet Blood of Jesus.” It’s about people addicted to blood, so we’re editing that film now.

“Oldboy” is now playing.


-Jagpal Khahera