Last Night’s Moment We’ve Waited For on ‘The Walking Dead’

After watching for 6 episodes this season, the mighty Governor made his appearance on The Walking Dead. Following the slaughter of his own team, we see what the Governor (or Brian) has been up to since his run in with Rick’s group. Here are the top moments that surprised us about the mighty Gov.

1. Still out for revenge against Michonne for the death of his daughter, the Governor returns to what’s left of Woodbury and burns the place down to the ground.

2. Upon stumbling a family hiding out in a desolate building, the old Gov whips out his charm to gain the trust of the 2 women, a child and their sickly father. He also tells the new group his name is ‘Brian‘.

3. Considering the Governor executed his own soldiers, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Governor being honest with his new friends. He even lifts the elderly man to bed and fulfills his wish of retrieving a board game for the little girl Megan.

4. Spending the night with the new family only leads to ‘Brian’ finding a new lover as he passionately kisses Megan’s mother while everyone is sleep. I guess he still has his charm!

5. Seemingly attached to the little girl who is the same age as Penny, the Gov builds a relationship with Megan and vows to protect her.

6. The woman reveals that her father has Terminal 4 cancer and is running out of oxygen. She requests that ‘Brian’ visits a nursing home in the area to retrieve more oxygen tanks.

7. As the Governor sets out to retrieve oxygen, Walkers over run him causing him to flee the scene with only 2 tanks of oxygen.

8. When he returns, the old man is dead and as he begins to turn into a Walker, Brian crushes his head with the same tank that was meant to save his life.

9. ‘Brian’ decides to hit the road the following day and the woman who is now attached, decides the family should go with him.

10. The truck they are using to travel breaks down and the new group is over run by Walkers causing the Governor and Megan to fall in the same hole he used to catch walkers. Inside the Walkers attack the them and he kills them off one by one vowing nothing would happen to her. As he looks up, Martinez looks in the pit shocked to see the Governor alive.

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