On Twitter, Facebook groups, RMBVA, OTBVA and pretty much anywhere on the internet where people discuss battle rap, today’s discussion topic is the clash between battle vet Illmaculate and street spitter Bigg K.  This is the second battle KOTDFC has released from Battle of the Bay 6, but as soon as the event was finished, murmurings spread about the quality of this match up, making it the event’s most anticipated battle.

Here’s how it all went down.



Round 1 Bigg K– “I will quick slice ya wind pipe with a straight razor, you act tough when you rap stuff- play gangsta. But you really p***y, that’s fake heart- Pacemaker.”

Bigg K’s first round just had so much successfully delivered aggression, Illmac didn’t seem like he had a chance of coming back.

Round 1 Illmaculate- “They asked me where you been-  Stayin’ polished. Meanwhile lot of him have came and gone- I’ve remained the hottest. Deregulate the game- Reaganomics. Take him hostage, breakin’ eggs makin’ omelettes, don’t mistake us, pay me homage, you comparin’ satin to Satan, angel cakes to Pagan prophets.  That’s an ominous thought, my style is un=godly, now you gotta ponder the quandary you got in boxing a combo of Ali and Rocky, This is honestly a body, a homi homey, I’m small, but you tiny beside me, I’m tall, when i hop on pile of bodies that I leave behind me!”

Clearly, Illmaculate succeeded in coming back and in doing so, he reminded fans of exactly who he is. Illmaculate is the guy that came from the Scribble Jam/ WRC days as one of the best freestylers in both competitions, then came to GrindTime and KOTD and proved that he was among the most creative, out of the box writers in the game.  Let’s put it this way, no battle rapper comes up with better more creative angles than him. If any battle rapper had a shot at being a novelist, it’s Illmac.

Bigg K on the other comes harder and more gully than even some of the most intimidating battle rap persona’s, and on top of it, he’s actually extremely creative, just in an understated way.  There’s moments of genius in each of his round against Illmac and there’s not a single King of the Dot rapper who can successfully deliver the hard street bars like him. In fact, his delivery outdoes  most Smack rappers when it comes to aggressive punches.

Let’s see how round 2 turned out.

Round 2 Bigg K– “I keep a level head in drama. You seem shook. I’m bi-polar, nice jab, mean hook.”

Round 2 Illmaculate– “You said I was nerd rap, right? Them lies you spreadin’. The Kalashnikov, rinse em off  pyrotechnics fall from the sky and wet em, suppressors with extended clips I got a Motherf***i’n rifle fetish. As far as knife collections, mine’s impressive, bio weapons a pair of Eagles, that Glock 18 like a barely legal trigger finger give em hypertension.”

Bigg K had a ton of quick quotables like the above,while furthering  his angle for the entire battle, calling the entire KOTD crowd “A queer show,” and thus he was there merely to disrespect Illmac and could care less about his reputation as a KOTD battler.  Which couldn’t have been true considering how clearly focused and prepared he was in this battle, but it was incredibly effective and nobody Bigg K could have pulled it off. You know that sound crowd members make during battle, like a ghost just popped up and shot down their throat, that “arghh?” That’s what Bigg K does, he makes people make that noise.

Illmaculate showed up with gun bars, proving that he too was capable of delivering that status quo, only he adds some creativity to the whole bit.

Was this the best battle of 2013?  It’s hard to think of better battle that dropped this year, however, URL has yet to release Ill Will vs. Tay Rock, a battle many claim was the best battle of this year’s Summer Madness. The battle drops Friday, so we’ll have to wait and see.

As far as Illmaculate vs. Bigg K, the third round is where the whole battle came together, and probably what it will come down to for most as far as calling a winner. Aside from saying that Bigg K came with the literary reference and Illmaculate once again elevated the craft, we won’t spoil it. It has to be seen.  Both MC’s showed in this round why battle rap is getting so much attention right now.

Both Rappers just released tracks that are available online.

In the wake of the battle, Bigg K recorded a song with Illmaculate entitled, “Know My Name” avaialable here.

Illmaculate’s new song “Desperado” is available at Rapgrid.com where you can vote on the winners and losers for this battle and past battles from both and all rappers.