All is fair in love and hip hop. 

On the season four premiere of the VH1 hit series Love & Hip Hop, we are introduced to some new cast members Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace. We are reunited with some old faces Yandy Smith, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Tahiry, Joe Buddens, and K.Michelle (from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta).

Her Source counts down some of the moments from the show that were crazy with a capital C.

1. Rich and Yandy make a big  announcement

Rich and Yandy announce that they are starting their own record label and they had a showcase featuring new cast member Amina Buddafly from the singing group Black Buddafly, who is managed by Peter Gunz and she introduced herself to Gunz’s girlfriend Tara.

2. Joe Buddens and Tahiry are back together

Are we glad that this couple are back together? Known for their vlogs in the past, this couple proved throughout the years that they want to make their relationship work now that they both are stable mentally & financially. He surprises her with a romantic candlelight dinner by the lake. Is that romantic?

3. Erica Reveals Her New Relationship To Rich

While shopping for lingerie for her new book, Rich comes by to see her to tell her about him & Yandy’s new record label and throw little jabs at Peter Gunz by calling him “little gunz”. She reveals to Rich her new relationship with a woman.

4.Amina and Peter More Than Just Business

While at the studio, Peter Gunz and Amina confessed that they have been together for a year and still haven’t revealed it to Tara, which is very scandalous. Sound familiar?

5.K. Michelle arrives in New York

K.Michelle comes to New York to have a fresh start from Atlanta and jump start her music career by working with a new label and new production.

6. Rich gets involve in Peter’s relationship to Amina

What goes around comes around that is the motto of this situation. Rich steps in the relationship between Peter and Amina telling him that he could get caught in a relationship with a client and tells him that he is slipping. Meanwhile, Amina reveals to Rich that she is married to Peter and that she has the tattoo to prove it.

That was just the first episode, imagine what the season going to be!


Monday night, VH1 and Myx Fusions Lounge along with Monami Entertainment and Eastern, celebrated the Season 4 premiere of the hit series, “Love & Hip Hop” in New York. Hundreds of industry insiders packed Stage 48 to watch the live premiere with the cast, which included returning members Yandy Smith, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose and Rashidah Ali as well as newcomers K.Michelle (“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”), Tara Wallace, Amina Buddafly, Saigon, Erica Jean, Cyn Santana and Nya Lee (Peter Gunz was absent). After the viewing of the juicy premiere episode, the cast participated in a fiery Q&A – moderated by Hot 97’s Laura Stylez — that covered everything from affairs, lesbian relationships, and record label launches. This is definitely the season to watch!
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Amina during Q&A
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cast shot
Cyn Santana 1
Cyn Santana 2
Erica Jean - Tahiry Jose
Erica Mena - Cyn Santana - Amina Buddafly
Erica Mena 1
Erica Mena 2
Erica Mena 3
Jennifer Williams
Joe Budden does a 1-on-1
K.Michelle 1
K.Michelle 2
K.Michelle 3
Kim Osorio
Mona Scott-Young and Jennifer Williams
Mona Scott-Young
Rashidah Ali interviews
Rich Dollaz - Cyn Santana - Amina Buddafly
Rich Dollaz
Saigon with Erica Jean
Sharon Carpenter interviews Tahiry
Tahiry Jose during Q&A
Tara Wallace - Yandy Smith
Tara Wallace during Q&A
The ladies of LHHNY4
The Q&A 2
The Q&A
the scene at Stage 48
Yandy Smith

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