miley cyrus future

Future’s taking us to a whole new place with this new album.

Pluto, Future’s notable debut album, didn’t fare particularly well on the charts but it helped set a much needed premise: He is equally successful at both singing, and rapping–quite similar to one Mr. Aubrey Graham with whom he’s currently touring–and it is that characteristic that will help him evade the sophomore slump. Evidenced by the significant buzz his current two singles (“Honest”, “Sh!T”) are garnering, Honest is set to make a major dent when it lands in first quarter 2014. Taking Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson along for the ride (literally), watch a short trailer for Future’s third single, “Real And True”, which will make its proper television debut on November 10th. Enjoy.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)