Nickelus F and Drake were frequently featured on each other’s music for sometime. The two collaborated on “Number 15”  from Vices and it looks like they still have a cache of unreleased material that will please eager fans. Nickelus has decided to give fans a little taste, by releasing an extended version of their underground favorite “Am 2 Pm,” which is off his previously released Room for Improvement mixtape

While the production has a blunted California vibe, lyrically both emcees go hard to convince listeners that they are working, from Am to Pm, to attain their desire results. Young Drake already displayed his keen knack for crafting infectious hooks laced with as much cockiness as blind ambition. Nickelus F showcases his intricate lyrical ability, verbally manhandling the track by nearly screaming his verses. Although this is a mostly grinding song, they do have time to roll a dutch, which is the perfect activity to accompany this head nodding beat.

You can ride out to the track above.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)