johnny manziel

NFL teams scared of Johnny Football?

Heisman Trophy, good. Off the field issues, not so good.

Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel nearly led his team to another upset over Alabama. While Manziel just boosted his chances to repeat as the Heisman winner even further (464 yards, 5 TDs) NFL teams aren’t sold.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reports that some NFL teams have deemed Manziel undraftable. Prior to this report draft analysts had Manziel as a 3rd round pick at best based off of football skills alone.

Even with NFL scouts at the game Peter King had this to say on Manziel’s NFL future;

But Manziel, to many teams right now, would be undraftable because they’re scared of his mood swings and off-field questions. But it only takes one team out of 32 to fall for him. And some team will, unless he self-destructs between today and draft day.

King isn’t completely wrong though because with seven rounds and 32 teams someone will more than likely take a chance on Manziel.

What do you think, if you were and NFL GM would you draft Johnny Football?

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)