A story this 11-year old will have for the rest of his life

This story right here is one this “lucky” 11-year old boy will be able to tell for the rest of his life. During Real Madrid’s friendly with Bournemouth, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a free kick over the cross bar and in to the stands. Bournemouth fan, 11-year old Charlie Silverwood put his hand up to block the ball, but he only got a broken wrist because of it.

Unlike other 11-year old boys who probably would have cried and left the game, Silverwood stayed for the remainder of the match. By the way this didn’t happen towards the end of the match. This free kick took place in the 6th minute of the game which means Silverwood sat there for the remaining 82 minutes plus halftime break.

Following the news of the wrist break Ronaldo sent Charlie an autographed jersey by the Real Madrid team.

If there is two things we learned from this story they are;
1.) this might be the best way to break your wrist if you’re going to do so (story wise)
2.) Cristiano Ronaldo kicks the ball very, very hard

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)