mick-jenkins-lackAlthough Chicago has always been a hotbed for hip-hop talent, the city has seen a recent resurgence in popularity due to the contributions of a new batch of young and rising stars. Many of the artists bearing the banner for the Second City have been a reflection of the area’s high crime and murder rate, a sad but poignant perspective on Chi-Town’s deadly gang and drug lifestyle. There are others, however, who represent an alternative view of the Windy City while still espousing the street smarts needed to survive in any urban area. Mick Jenkins is one of those artists. His video for “Lack”, a local colloquialism for being unprepared, is a concise and conceptual caution which finds the emcee scouring the city’s financial district in a haunting manner. “Out here trying to be timeless. Don’t let me catch you lacking, famo,” he warns. Watch the video and download his latest offering Trees And Truths here.

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  1. Logan

    seen this guys stuff around…people we are looking at the future