Walking Dead

Last night’s episode of the Walking Dead hit us like a bus full of walkers! Tyreese attempts to talk sense in a senseless world, Andrea does too much, the Governor proves he’s indeed crazy and Andre finds herself in a heap of trouble. Here’s the top moments that made us yell at the TV screen.

1. We finally find out (somewhat) how Michonne found her pet walkers. In a flashback scene, Andrea asks Michonne where she found them. “They deserved what they got,” Michonne says. “They weren’t human to begin with.” We’re assuming like in the comic book, Michonne was violated by her pet walkers before they turned.

2. Milton, in a futile attempt to invoke peace, tells Andrea of the governors plans to execute Michonne. He takes her to the Governor’s torture chamber as they look down to see him preparing his tools for Michonne.

3. Andrea pulls out her gun to kill the Governor only to be stopped by Milton–missing her opportunity.

4. Martinez forces Andrea to give up her gum for the war they are preparing for and she obliges. *Never let go of your gun in the zombie apocalypse!*

5. Tyreese who appears to be a gentle thug tries to stop Andrea from leaving Woodbury, but she informs him that the Governor isn’t who he appears to be.

6. When the Governor questions Tyreese and Sasha about Andrea’s escape, they keep their mouths shut and downplay any info they have. *No snitching!

7. Andrea starts her journey to the prison with the Governor hot on her trail as she is attacked by several walkers, she takes them each out with a pocket knife. Andrea can indeed handle herself.

8. The Governor chases Andrea into the woods and manages to trap her in a warehouse full of walkers. After killing several of the walkers, the Gov finds Andrea who manages to escape and locks the Gov in a room full of walkers and an empty gun.

9. Andrea finally makes it to the prison and attempts to wave down Rick who sees her until the Governor appears and pulls Andrea down to the ground. Rick shakes off the vision as another hallucination.

10. The Governor returns to Woodbury and tells the others he didn’t catch Andrea. The last scene brings us back to his torture chamber only to discover his former lover Andrea tied up and ready for torture.

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm EST!