Yesterday, The Source Magazine was on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures latest film Bullet to the Head, which hits theaters this Friday. Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Jason Momoa, Sarah Shahi, and director Walter Hill were a few of the cast members who walked the red carpet at AMC Lincoln Square.

Check out our red carpet interviews with the cast and director:


Q: Tell us about your character.

Sarah Shahi: I play Sylvester Stallone’s daughter, Lisa, in the movie, I’m a tattoo artist and we have an estranged relationship, and he comes to me about half way through the movie to help out with some issues with Sung Kang and from that moment on, I get dragged into the action. Jason Momoa kidnaps me, and then it’s a very testosterone filled ride to the finish until daddy rescues me.

Q: Was it fun being on an action-packed set?

Sarah Shahi: It was! I didn’t really have much to do as far as the action goes, so the most I got to do was there was a scene in the tattoo parlor where a big fight breaks out and Jason’s character kills everybody, and they didn’t have me doing anything, and I thought that was kind of bullsh*t because I’m Sylvester Stallone’s daughter, so I told the stunt choreographer, and he was like, “alright, you’re right,” so he let me throw in a couple punches, break a beer bottle over someone’s back and there you go.

Q: Tell us about your character.

Jason Momoa: Well, Keegan’s an ex-mercenary who basically wants to punch Stallone’s ticket. He plays the bad guy, I play the worst guy.

Q: What’s it like going head to head with Stallone?

Jason Momoa: Awesome. He’s an idol, you know what I mean, a childhood idol. It’s fun, it’s like fighting your dad.

Q: What were some of your favorite movies as a kid?

Jason Momoa: It’s crazy, I was raised by a single mother. She watched “Rear Window” and “Gone with the Wind,” so I mean I wasn’t really raised on “Conan,” but I did see “Rocky” when I was younger and I think probably my favorite movie growing up (this is really really horrible, really horrible, you’re getting this right now, I’ve never told anyone this) but I really liked “Point Break.”

Q: What is your process like to write the screenplay?

Alessandro Camon: Well, this particular one was an adaptation, so it’s based on a French graphic novel. We had to adapt the story, we had to make it a little more of a movie, although it was originally already set in New Orleans, so we kept the original setting, and we kept the basic premise. I think we tried to be fairly faithful to the original material, which is a great graphic novel, and we kept the spirit of a comic book, meaning, it’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Q: Why was Sylvester Stallone perfect for the lead.

Alessandro Camon: Well, first of all, if you look at the graphic novel, the character actually looks like Sly. When I wrote this, Sly wasn’t involved yet, so you know, I didn’t have any particular actor in mind, but the fact that the character looked like him was definitely a good omen, and you know, the character is a tough guy, he’s a hit man, he’s definitely somebody who makes a living with a gun, but, there is a warmth to the character, and there is a sense of humor to the character, to which I think Sly is a great match for.

Q: What attracted you to direct this film?

Walter Hill: I thought it would work as an homage to the kind of ‘70’s and ‘80’s action movies, something I thought I knew something about. I wanted to work with Sly. I thought he’d be very good in it. He was kind enough to invite me to the party, he was really part of it before I was. And, he and I have been talking about working together for a long time, I’d sent him scripts, he’d sent me scripts, never quite worked out, so I think we both felt, if it was going to happen, it’d better happen this time.

Q: What was your most challenging scene to shoot?

Walter Hill: Oh, I’d suppose the, the fight with the fire axes towards the end, but you know every day is, you have to work just as hard every day to make each scene as good as you know how to make it.

Film Synopsis: Sylvester Stallone stars as Jimmy Bobo, a New Orleans hitman who forms an alliance with Washington D.C. detective Taylor Kwan to bring down the killer of their respective partners. From director Walter Hill comes the action thriller “Bullet to the Head.” “Bullet to the Head” also stars Sung Kang (“Fast Five”), Sarah Shahi (Showtime’s “The L Word”), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (“G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”), Christian Slater (TV’s “Breaking In”), John Seda (HBO’s “The Pacific”), Weronika Rosati (HBO’s “Luck”), and Jason Momoa (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”). Hill directed the film from a screenplay by Oscar nominee Alessandro Camon (“The Messenger”), based on the graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tête, written by Matz and illustrated by Colin Wilson, and published by Casterman. The film is produced by Alexandra Milchan (“Righteous Kill”), Alfred Gough (TV’s “Smallville”), Miles Millar (TV’s “Smallville”), and Kevin King-Templeton (“The Expendables” films). Stuart Ford, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Deepak Nayar, Steve Squillante, Joel Silver, Courtney Solomon, Allan Zeman, Steve Richards and Stuart Besser served as executive producers.