It is official, Wednesdays will be a little wilder and Summer will be much more hotter now that Coca-Cola teamed up with Black Entertainment Television and rapper B.O.B. In this month these three will team up to offer amateur talent rare and exclusive opportunities to shine in the spotlight.

Check out what B.O.B had to say about the campaign and his feelings towards Coca-Cola.

What is the purpose of the ‘Perfect Harmony’ Coca-Cola campaign & how does it involve you?

-Well basically, me teaming up with Coke for ‘Perfect Harmony’ is really all about giving the aspiring artists the opportunity to live their dream. Just to give them the opportunity and the platform to express themselves, you know it’s really about the music. The winner of the ‘Wild Out Wednesdays’, 106 & Park, gets to perform with me live this Fall. Also, we’re both from Atlanta so it’s only natural and it’s only right.

How did the ‘Perfect Harmony’ campaign come about?

-Well you know just being from Atlanta and being in the same city we shared a common interest and love for the music. So as an artist and as well as the company there has to be a common ground before collaborating and this is just the beginning. I would definitely look forward to much more events in the future.

So what is your favorite version of the Coca-Cola bottle?

-Actually the one I’m looking at right now. It’s the aluminum red bottle with the Coca-Cola wording in white, it’s a collectors item.

Do you like to drink Coca-Cola after blowing “Strange Clouds”?

-Absolutely (laughing), especially after “Strange Clouds”.

How else do you use your Coca-Cola?

-If I have a long flight, like really long, then I definitely order a Rum and Coke. So next time you have a long flight, just ask the flight attendant for a cup of “Rum Coke”.