VILLAIN: Issue Two of Three, the second of a trilogy installment, from established Brooklyn songwriter/emcee Chris Faust, will be released exclusively with, May 23rd, for free download. The FreeEP features, an array of conceptual melodic tracks, fusing both the Comic Book Diaspora as well as our own relative reality bridging the two universes together, into one cohesive project. VILLAIN: Issue Two of Three also highlights several well established producers as well as artists; Hannibal King, Woody, Omid G, Nefarious!, 6th Sense Nick Tharpe, Sunny Jones, Maffew Ragazino, 10, Kris Kasanova as well as many others. VILLAIN: Issue Two of Three, will certainly appease hip-hop lovers as well as the many fans of Comic Books/Graphic Novels/Anime etc by covering a broad spectrum of everyday topics and musical compositions.

Download: Chris Faust: VILLAIN: ISSUE TWO OF THREE