ANTHM has been delivering some viable raps lately ( “Can I Live,” “Never Do”) and he decided to give the exclusive on the making of his latest joint, “Stolen Whips” featuring NY rap OG, Black Rob. My latin roots have me genetically predisposed to vibing out to Trent Timeless’ spanish guitar-laced production which scores the criminal cruiser rhymin’ nicely on this one. Black Rob’s feature on the young New York spitta’s track is a cohesive coincidence seeing as the song sounds like it could’ve lived on P. Diddy & The Fam’s No Way Out circa 1997. Check out the behind the scenes footage of the two working on the track at Harlem Heights studio and hear why BR cosigns ANTHM (although his rhymes hold enough merit to do without any). You can also listen to “Stolen Whips” below if you ain’t up on la musica de car thievin’. Lookout for ANTHM’s When We Were Kings mixtape, coming soon. 

Nate Santos (@MidtownNate)